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Construction Updates and FAQs

Construction Update - November 2016

We remain on schedule with the construction of our new building. We expect DSA project approval by November 17, 2016. The pile drive is tentatively scheduled for the week of November 21, 2016. The timing is good as this is the most disruptive part of the project so better that it happens during the fall break. Thanks for all of your patience and support!


Starting the week of June 20th 2016, a two-story building with six new classrooms and two break-out rooms will be built on the East side of Otis School's campus (where portables 114 and 115 are currently located). Construction for the new building is scheduled to begin on June 17th, 2016, just after the school year ends.  It is anticipated to be completed before the start of the 2017-2018 school year.  The new construction area will be fenced in for safety.


This summer you will see our six portables (Rooms 114-119) on the East side removed and placed on the far East corner closest to Krusi Park.  The portables will be placed facing the yard and cover some of the current kickball and basketball area.  Third grade and daycare are scheduled to be in these portables in the next school year.  You will see several room changes when we return in August.


There is a "Quick link" on our school webpage where we will be posting updates, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about the project.   Donald Hull is our Construction Project Liaison between Dr. Clem, AUSD,  the PTA, and parents.  If you have any questions about the construction, please email him at 


Many thanks to our voters for passing the last Measure and making this much needed work possible!

Construction Q & A

Q:  We are very sad about the basketball courts.  They were well utilized by so many people.  What is the plan and timeline for replacing them?


A:  This was a big discussion topic with our district maintenance department.  We aim to try to keep as many hoops as possible during construction, and when the build is complete, figure out how to best use the existing blacktop.  Perhaps moving the courts perpendicular to keep two courts side by side would be possible.  The courts themselves might be smaller (non-regulation).  We know basketball is important, and the PE teachers also need them.  We'll try our best.  Note:  It is not yet determined how many portables will be removed after the classrooms have moved into the new building.  We are not redesigning/painting the blacktop/yard until after the construction is complete.

Alameda Public Works Traffic Improvement plans for Otis


AlamedaPublicWorks-OtisPlans Page 1.png


AlamedaPublicWorks-OtisPlans Page 2.png


AlamedaPublicWorks-OtisPlans Page 3.png