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W- Wash Your Hands often

H- Home is where you stay if you have the flu or a fever.

A- Avoid touching your eyes,nose and mouth.

C- Cover your coughs and sneezes.

K- Keep your distance from sick people.



Head Lice Policy

FYI – Head Lice Information for Parents


Under California Education Code 48211 and Alameda Unified School District Board Policy 5141.33*, students shall be excluded from school if lice or nits are found in the hair.


Excluded students may return to school when they bring a note from the parent/guardian stating the treatment used, and when re-examined by the Health Office Assistant, or designee, shows that all lice and nits have been removed.  If nits or lice are still present, the student will be sent home and not re-admitted until the hair is free of lice and nits.  Most students return the following day.  Students absent for more than three (3) consecutive days due to the presence of lice or nits will be considered truant.


Wash those Hands!  Keep colds and diseases at bay by washing hands often & covering your cough with your sleeve.

Allergies...  Did you know we have several students who are allergic to peanuts/nuts?  Please consider this when sending treats or snacks to class and always ask the teacher if there are any students in the classroom with food allergies.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Stay warm...  Wear layers and make sure to bring your jackets home with you to wear to school the next day  This is particulary important during winter months to avoid getting sick.

Health Records...If your child has a doctor visit, please provide the office with a copy of the immunizations and/or physical exams.  We need these to keep our records up to date.

When to stay home...Please keep your child home if they have a fever, have been vomitting or have an excessive runny nose or cough.  Your child should not return to school until these symptoms have been gone for 24 hours without medication.  Thanks for helping us all stay well!


Please be sure we have accurate Emergency Contact telephone numbers for all of your students.  If you receive a call with a prefix of 510.337.XXXX, this is most likely from AUSD and you should answer it.  Please note our outgoing call number differs from Otis School incoming call number of 510.748.4013.


Please make sure to let the office know of any changes.