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Box Tops

Save those box tops! Read more details to the right ...

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Support Otis

So Many Ways to Support Otis!


Part of what makes our school so great is the richness brought to us by our community volunteers. If you are able to, please make time to sign up to volunteer in whatever way you can. See our Volunteer Page in order to sign up.


Join the PTA

Membership is $10 per adult per year, and anyone can join—parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors. You may join on the PTA page.


Make a Direct Donation

The Otis PTA pays for and supports important programs such as music, classroom technology, reading and math specialists, garden and art docent lessons and supplies, motor fitness classes, educational assemblies, and field trips. Visit our PTA web-store to make Direct Donations.


Ask Your Employer about a Matching Contribution

Many companies offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. To find out if your company will match gifts to your child's school, contact the human resources department where you work.


Participate in Fundraising Events

Our Direct Donation Drive, Read-a-Thon and Spring Fling are Otis PTA's main fundraising events. PTA volunteers also organize other events, such as fundraiser dining-out nights at local restaurants. Watch for details on Konstella, then get involved, and enjoy the fun! 


Use Konstella’s Link to Amazon Smile to Earn 1.5% for Frank Otis Elementary School

Register with Amazon Smile and choose Otis Elementary School as your charitable organization. You’ll earn 0.5% for Otis via the Amazon Smile link on its own. Now, if you use Konstella’s link to Amazon Smile, you’ll earn an additional 1% for Otis! Here’s the link to Otis Amazon Smile together. Please use that link every time you shop at Amazon.


Clip Box Tops for Education

You can find Box Top$ on all kinds of products--office supplies, Ziploc, all Annie's products, Kleenex, other food items and much more! Ask your neighbors, ask your friends and family, or check out the storage rooms at work. This is a fun and easy way to raise money for Otis! Three classes (K-1, 2-3 and 4-5) that collect the most Box Top$ will be rewarded with something super! The class that collects the most Box Top$ overall will join past Box Top$ giants and have their class name engraved on the Box Top$ Trophy. There are 2 collection periods, one in Fall and one in the Spring. Watch for details about collection deadlines in Konstella. For a list of participating products, refer to the Box Tops products website. 


Earn money for Frank Otis Elementary via Sports Basement

For one lifetime membership fee of $25, you can become a Basementeer. Earn 10% off every purchase at Sports Basement, and earn 10% of your purchase for Otis! Here’s the link to become a Basementeer.



Amazon Link

If you bookmark our Otis School Amazon Smile page, the school will earn money for all the dollars you spend!


amazon smile


Otis collects school supplies, food packaging, and other packaging that can't be recycled and partners with Terracycle to turn them into something other than garbage.

Right now, we are collecting materials including markers, glue sticks, juice pouches, energy bar wrappers, bread bags and much more.

Please download the full list of materials we are collecting and help us reduce our waste!

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