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Faculty and Staff 2019-20

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Administrative Team

Tanya Harris, Principal

Manya Morris, Office Manager

La Shonda Knox, Office Assistant/Attendance

Becky Yamagami, Health Office Assistant

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Goldspring/Mrs. B

Ms. Hernandez

Ms. Nelson/Mrs. Carling

Ms. Yoon/ Mrs. B

First-grade Team

Ms. Ashworth

Ms. Neufeld

Ms. McKenna

Ms. Gilbert


Second-grade Team

Ms. Dortch

Ms.  Apel

Ms. Hardman

Ms. Mc Namara

Ms. Wong

Third-grade Team

Mr. Jaeger

Ms. Johnson

Ms. Myovich

Ms. Quon

Mr. Sullivan

Fourth-grade Team

Ms. Glidden

Mr. O'Toole

Ms. Elderts

Fifth-grade Team

Ms. Goodwin

Ms. Crawford

Ms. Galvez

1-3 Foundations to Success

Mr. Nick

3-5 Counseling Enriched Classroom (CEC)

Ms. Holm

Additional Faculty and Resource Staff

Ms. Chapman, Media Center 

Ms. Dilworth, Media Center (Tuesday, Thursday)

Ms. Haley, Music

Mr. Foltz, Music (Thursday)

Mr. Pence, PE

Mr. Wolf, PE (Friday)

Mr. Connors, STEAM Lab

Ms. Tina Menze, Speech & Language Pathologist

Ms. Sharin Thomas, OT

Ms. Eberts, School Psychologist