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Faculty and Staff 2021-22

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Administrative Team

Tanya Harris, Principal

Manya Morris, Office Manager

La Shonda Knox, Office Assistant/Attendance

Becky Yamagami, Health Office Assistant

Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Hernandez 

Ms. Nelson

Ms. Yoon/Mrs. B

First-grade Team

Ms. Ashworth

Ms. Findley

Ms. Gilbert

Ms. McKenna

Second-grade Team

Ms. Cogan

Ms. Dortch

Ms. Hardman

Ms. Mc Namara

Third-grade Team

Ms. Johnson

Ms. Myovich

Ms. Quon

Mr. Sullivan

Fourth-grade Team

Mrs. Elderts

Ms. Glidden

Mr. O'Toole

Fifth-grade Team

Ms. Crawford

Ms. Galvez

Ms. Goodwin

Ms. Lo Paro

1-3 Foundations to Success

Mr. Nick

3-5 Counseling Enriched Classroom (CEC)

Ms. Holm

Additional Faculty and Resource Staff

Ms. Sara Foley, STEAM Lab

Ms. Samantha Green, Speech & Lang. Pathologist

Ms. Emily Smiley, OT

Ms. Megan Singh, School Psychologist

Ms. Chapman, Teacher-Librarian

Mr. Pence / Ms. Rachel, PE